Special Drive-in edition!

In 2021 José Ignacio International Film Festival adapts and presents a special edition in drive-in mode. The program premieres international feature films and an Uruguayan Short Film Competition. The sunsets continue to be part of the show and the traditional venues give space – for this edition – to new locations that reveal more of José Ignacio’s charismatic views. The 11th edition of JIIFF is held on January 19th-23rd. It will be a double screening to give greater accessibility to our limited space. Advance booking is mandatory to guarantee the comfort of each spectator.

Tickets on sale from Wednesday, January 13th! ¡Join us!


A different short film will be screened before some of the films. Check the program!



Short films participating are Uruguayan films completed in 2020 which have not yet been released in the country. JIIFF’s competition was created to meet the new generations of local filmmakers.
Before each screening a different short film will be screened. Take a look at the program.


A film lab for boys and girls between 9 and 17 years old, with a strong practical and experimental component. A short film will be created and filmed as a team and will be screened at the end of the workshop.

JIIFF and La Liga de Fomento de José Ignacio offer scholarships for young people who want to attend the workshop and cannot do so for financial reasons.


JIIFF is an International Film Festival that takes place in José Ignacio and Pueblo Garzón, Uruguay, every year in the month of January.

The festival proposes the screening of internationally recognized films in an environment where young people, families, residents and visitors of José Ignacio can share an enriching experience.

All performances are open access and begin at sunset.


JIIFF and La Liga de Fomento of José Ignacio each offer a grant that covers 100% of the course. The course will be held during JIIFF festival, from January 9th until the16th, 2021, and will take place from 3 to 7 p.m. (except on the days of filming that the time will be extended if necessary).

The grant will be awarded by competition. To participate, applicants must film themselves on camera or phone explaining why they would like to win it. The video must be of no more than 1 minute.  Send the video to: corte@joseignaciofilmfestival.com with the subject: BECA JIIFF or BECA LIGA, respectively.

Who can participate?


All young people from Maldonado, with ages between 9 and 17 years old (with signed authorization from their parents at the start of the course), who cannot afford the course, can participate.


All young people in the area (between the two lagoons and between Route 9 and the sea) that are between 9 and 17 years old (with signed authorization from their parents at the start of the course), who cannot afford the course, can participate .

It is the responsibility of whoever obtains it, to arrive and return to the course every day. It takes place in José Ignacio.
For inquiries: corte@joseignaciofilmfestival.com