Durante 5 días, una tormenta solar azota Centroamérica. En cada uno de estos países, sus habitantes deberán enfrentar la vida en sus términos más básicos, al encontrarse desconectados de las comodidades tecnológicas de las que dependemos actualmente. El miedo, la amistad y el amor explotan bajo el amparo del reencuentro con los otros, mientras los cielos son iluminados por una colorida y nunca antes vista aurora tropical.

For 5 days, a solar storm hits Central America. In each of these countries, its inhabitants must face life in its most basic terms, being disconnected from technological comforts on which we currently depend on. Fear, friendship and love explode under the cover of reunion with others, while the skies are illuminated by a colorful and never before seen tropical aurora. In Guatemala, a survivor of a plane crash is rescued by the indigenous people of a town where the absence of energy is not a novelty. This contrasts with a city infested with skyscrapers in Panama, where a millionaire lady gets trapped in her penthouse on the 60th floor and her husband disappears in the chaos of the city. In El Salvador a woman who lives in a village in the mountain starts a race against time to save the life of her daughter, admitted into a hospital in the city. In Nicaragua, a teenager struggles to celebrate her 15th birthday party in the middle of the blackout. In Honduras a couple of older adults are forced to have a loving reunion, having no access to the technology in which they had taken refuge for so many years. And in Costa Rica, a father and a daughter turn their neighborhood house into a clandestine religious temple so that they can take advantage of the apocalyptic situation.