José Ignacio
International Film Festival

13th edition of the José Ignacio International Film Festival will be held from the 14th until the 22nd of January 2023 in José Ignacio, Uruguay. For an extended week, we invite you to live a unique and exciting cinematographic experience with the premiere of six international feature films and seven Uruguayan short films.

This year, JIIFF arrives with a combination of open-air locations and an indoor space facing the ocean. The screenings under the stars take place in Bajada de los Pescadores in José Ignacio, a JIIFF's classic; and at Chacra La Mallorquina, in the the Uruguayan countryside, 3km from José Ignacio.

Our third location is Pavilion VIK, a dazzling space with a dome-like structure that we had the pleasure of exploring in 2022 and with which we now meet again. Access to the screenings at La Bajada de los Pescadores and Chacra La Mallorquina are free of charge. We recommend you come with chairs and a coat!

Access to the screenings at Pavilion VIK are also free but require a previous booking through our website that'll be available from January 6th onwards. Due to the fact that it is a closed space and with limited capacity, each person will be able to request up to two reservations per film, that way everyone can enjoy the films in competition, only for these days at Pavilion VIK there'll be a double screening: matinee and late night.

Last, but not least, we inform you that in case of rain the program scheduled in the Bajada de los Pescadores and Chacra La Mallorquina will be moved to Pavilion VIK and will require a reservation. We will announce any changes in advance through our website and social media.

Feature Films 2023

Short Film Competition 2023

JIIFF Lab 2023


A space created to provide advice to fiction feature film projects that are in their development stage. It is especially aimed at new directors and producers in Latin America who seek to consolidate their projects for an effective international co-production policy.

Generación J - Working JIIFF 2023

Generación J 2023

Created for emerging fiction film producers in Uruguay, it is a space thought to encourage the training of emerging Uruguayan fiction film producers between the ages of 20 and 32 that are currently at the beginning of the cinematographic career.

¡Corte! 2023

¡Corte! 2023

¡Corte! 2023

JIIFF's Film Lab is back! A space dedicated to learning and creating, where, as a team, a short film is crafted, hand in hand with film experts and using professional technical equipment. A 7 day intensive course at José Ignacio. Limited capacity!