¡CORTE! 2023


From January 14th to 22nd, 2023, every afternoon we gathered to participate in a seven-day intensive workshop with the goal of creating a short film as a team using different techniques, in which each member occupied a creative position according to their age and interests.

In order to optimize dynamics suitable for each age group, the workshop was divided into two groups: one for children up to 12 years old, and another for teenagers over 13. Both groups worked separately, but simultaneously.

The students were guided throughout the entire process by fixed teachers specially selected by JIIFF based on their experience, their qualities of pedagogical transmission, and their rapport with the kids. In addition to the teachers, ¡Corte! received visits from invited workshop facilitators for different areas of instruction such as production, photography, sound, special effects, and more.

To conclude the workshop, the short film created by the students premiered on the same screen where the films and shorts programmed in the José Ignacio International Film Festival were exhibited, in a special event for them to enjoy with their families and guests.


We emphasize the essential role of play in film education. For both children and teenagers, this is a workshop with a camera rolling, focused on experimentation.

We want to emphasize that the workshop is not only focused on the completion of a short film but also on the discovery of a new artistic expression. We want the participants to visualize a new form of communication and discover a new language. The teachers are guides and advisers stimulating the creativity of the team. We advocate for collaborative work for a common good: the short film.

This year we proposed two extra classes via Zoom a week before the face-to-face start of the workshop. There, we outlined the general guidelines in the search for the story and script. We talked about genres and basic structure. That way in the first face-to-face class, we worked with that material. We chose together the proposals to follow (or the combination of them) and closed the script with the desire to give more time to think about the text, as well as to the pre-production and post-production of the short films.

We also generated time for the post-production experience: editing, color, and sound. We proposed a day in the audio studio, where the cut was actively "dressed" with sound effects and foley.



El mundo se revela
a quienes viajan a pie.

Werner Herzog

"Poliladron". Cortometraje creado por los alumnos de 9 a 12 años.

"Pescador". Cortometraje creado por los alumnos de 13 a 17 años.


Oliver Garland

Oliver Garland


Oliver Garland. Director with extensive experience in the Latin American market. With acting training and a strong profile in directing actors, he has shot commercials, video clips, shorts and a documentary feature. He was awarded Best Uruguayan Director at the Ojo de Iberoamérica 2015, 2020 and 2021. He has music videos with more than 20 million views and awarded at dozens of festivals. In 2018, he released FromCore To Sun, a sports documentary that became the most watched Ecuadorian film of the year. He co-wrote his first feature film In the Reflection, which is currently in development. In his spare time he is a skydiver.

Federico Musé

Federico Musé


Federico Musé. Director, Graduate in Social Communication from the Catholic University of Montevideo. As a professional, he began his career in the audiovisual medium in the year 2000. From the beginning he has worked for the most prominent production companies in the medium, both in Uruguay and Argentina; and he specializes in world-class production services. Later on, as a transition that occurs naturally, in 2010 Musé made the leap to director. Some of his works, both documentaries and video clips, have received international awards. He is currently a director at Electric Studios in Uruguay and has representation in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and the USA.

Timeline ¡Corte! - January 2023



500 usd
Early bird until 30th November 10% off
Club JIIFF Member 10% ff


ORGANIZATION OF IBERO-AMERICAN STATES (OEI) and JOSÉ IGNACIO "LIGA DE FOMENTO". Even though we have limited space, we reserve five vacancies to award five 100% scholarships in partnership with the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) and the Liga de José Ignacio, aimed at boys and girls who cannot afford the course.
To participate, they must send a video of up to one minute in which they tell us why they would like to win the scholarship. Attach the video to an email to with the subject "Beca Liga" or "Beca OEI".

They will be awarded:

Winners will be announced on January 6th.

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