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Uruguay Hub Audiovisual

Uruguay hub Audiovisual aims to strengthen inter-institutional audiovisual relations between countries that accompany Uruguay in its co-production possibilities. These alliances can be translated into human resources, materials and services. It is a reality today that other countries look at Uruguay and consider it a center of audiovisual production. The growth of the audiovisual industry in Uruguay is genuine and necessary.

This is the meeting where each country presents its contribution to this growth.

Uruguay, through Uruguay XXI presents the existing resources in this country and its export incentives. INCAU, in transition to ACAU, proposes its co-production and promotion policies.

From the French Regional Audiovisual Cooperation for the Southern Cone, its representative will present the rules of the game when co-producing with France: Aide aux cinémas du monde.

Belgium, from hub.brussels, will present its mechanisms to facilitate co-production relations with new partners in this region and strengthen the existing agreement. Screen Brussels and its possibilities for international collaboration will also be introduced.
Italy will be the fourth country represented and will do so through DGCA-MiC in Cinecittà, which has a strong policy of internationalization of the Audiovisual industry and will show the benefits of the Italy-Uruguay agreement.

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