Join the Benefactors

Your participation not only strengthens an exceptional film festival but also connects you with an influential and passionate network in the vibrant community of José Ignacio.
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Join the Benefactors

Your participation not only strengthens an exceptional film festival but also connects you with an influential and passionate network in the vibrant community of José Ignacio.

Our Benefactors program was established in December 2020, thanks to the generous contribution of María and John Pfeffer, who, from that moment on, became the Main Benefactors of JIIFF. We are thrilled to have the support of an audience who accompany us with their financial contribution, as they support the festival and its cinematic proposal just as much as we do. We extend the invitation to all those who wish to contribute so that this cultural experience can continue and we can celebrate together future editions.

What does it mean to be part of the Benefactors group?

Benefactors' is a space created for those who share our love and passion for cinema, but, above all, the purpose that drives us year after year to make JIIFF an outstanding and essential cultural event in the region.

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The impact of our Benefactors on JIIFF goes beyond the week of screenings and gatherings, as their contributions make the work of our entire team possible throughout the year.

As sponsors of JIIFF, our Benefactors receive our public recognition and gratitude, in addition to experiencing and participating in JIIFF in a completely different way and from a different perspective than the rest of the audience."

Benefactors Edda & Rob Kofler

Main Benefactors

Maria and John Pfeffer

Three decades ago, the Pfeffers adopted José Ignacio as their family base in the region and, over time, this base became their home. Actively integrated into the José Ignacio community throughout the year, they've led the creation of the Benefactors group at JIIFF, one of many actions that confirm their leitmotif in life: make a difference. With immense joy, we celebrate once again the alliance with Maria and John Pfeffer.

“JIIFF is at the heart of the rich cultural life of our beloved town of José Ignacio and it is a beautiful moment to share each year with family, friends and neighbors. Do not miss it!”
Benefactors Edda & Rob Kofler


Edda & Rob Kofler

An immediate sense of belonging to José Ignacio. A love at first sight. These are the most exact words to describe the choice of the Kofler family for this place in the world, who came from Austria to lay their foundations as a family and as beacon for art, culture, design and architecture. From the opening of Posada Ayana to the inauguration of Ta Khut – James Turell's first “Skyspace” in South America -, and the listening experience created by Max Pattisier; Edda and Rob Kofler feel more than excited to be able to share their work with the town of José Ignacio and all its visitors.

“JIIFF is where the most unexpected is projected on a screen under the stars of Jose Ignacio and the subsequent talks broaden horizons beyond what is visible.”
Benefactors Sandra & Ricardo Torres


Sandra & Ricardo Torres

JIIFF Benefactors and sponsors of the Short Film Competition through Fundación Diciembre, Sandra and Ricardo Torres have been a loyal audiece, allies and friends for years. From Argentina thoughout the year, and from José Ignacio during the summer season, they follow and promote actions that respect the values of freedom, solidarity, equality and respect for diversity.

“The opportunity to share beautiful moments with friendly neighbors and an incredible group of young people who love the festival and the cinema… all this while helping the young Uruguayan creative industry show their work and grow. Hopefully we will see the 50th festival.”
Benefactors Jessica Taylor


Jessica Taylor

Uruguayan by birth, Canadian by adoption, Jessica Taylor returns to Uruguay every summer and everywhere she visits around the world she preaches the natural beauty of José Ignacio as a treasure to be discovered. Due to her high commitment to the promotion of art and culture, she has joined JIIFF as a Benefactor since 2022.

“JIIFF is a magical part of the high season in Jose Ignacio, bringing together the many parts of Jose Ignacio I love- the vibrant love for arts, depth of conversations, the international community of supporters, and the locals which are the foundation of what makes Jose Ignacio so authentic and special. JIIFF’s laid back, chic bohemian presentation represents the core of JI culture.”
Benefactors Armando Bo


Armando Bo

From Buenos Aires, the city of fury to Los Angeles, the city of stars, and from there to José Ignacio, the not-so-secret gem of the southern continent. During the summer, this fishing village becomes a familiar oasis in the cosmopolitan agenda of director, producer, and screenwriter Armando Bo. A devoted audience member to the José Ignacio International Film Festival and also one of the first allies to support ¡Corte!, our film lab for boys and girls, where we welcome his children every year.

Benefactors Diego Finkelstein


Diego Finkelstein

Behind large-scale mass spectacles with international productions, stands the Argentine Diego Finkelstein, host to international visitors in José Ignacio, where he is also leaving his mark as an entrepreneur and an active member of the community.


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