Sedes JIIFF 2023Sedes JIIFF 2023Sedes JIIFF 2023


JIIFF takes place in open-air locations and in a space that expresses a taste for architecture and design.

Bajada de los Pescadores
Bajada de los Pescadores - Sede JIIFF 2023
La Bajada de los Pescadores of José Ignacio was our first love. This is where we thought and dreamed of JIIFF. The sun hides behind a calm ocean, and if it touches a cloudy sky, the magentas and oranges explode everywhere, giving us one of the simplest and most wonderful experiences of nature.
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Chacra La Mallorquina
Chacra La Mallorquina - Sede JIIFF 2023
Chacra La Mallorquina is located in the Uruguayan countryside, as well as a visual treasure for being on the shores of a small lagoon, it is a sound experience when the sun goes down and the frogs croak joining the birds to announce the end of day, and the beginning of the night.
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Pavilion VIK
VIK Pavilion - Sede JIIFF 2023
A dazzling space facing the sea. With a natural, organic and uncluttered scenery, its dome-like structure boasts a large terrace facing the beach. Inside, hundreds of lights on the ceiling design a starry sky, creating an atmosphere totally different from any other.
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