Feature Competition

El viento que arrasa
El viento que arrasa El viento que arrasa El viento que arrasa El viento que arrasa El viento que arrasa El viento que arrasa


Director: Paula Hernández
Duration: 1h 34m
Year: 2023
Country: Uruguay, Argentina
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Crime

Mar del Plata Film Festival, Best Latin American Film

Engulfed in a destiny she doesn't choose, Leni (Almudena González) accompanies her father, Reverend Pearson (Alfredo Castro), on his evangelical mission. The car breaks down, forcing them to stop at Gringo's (Sergi López) mechanic shop, a man diametrically opposed to faith who lives with Tapioca (Joaquín Acebo), a teenager under his care. Hours pass under an approaching storm, and the Reverend becomes obsessed with saving Tapioca's soul.

Paula Hernández

Paula Hernández studied at the University of Cinema in Buenos Aires. With her first feature film Herencia (Inheritance), she won the Opera Prima Award in the National First Film Competition of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts of Argentina (INCAA). Lluvia (Rain) won the Special Jury Prize and the Best Actress Award at the Ibero-American Film Festival of Huelva, as well as Best Film at the Mannheim Film Festival. Her last two films received a total of 13 Sur Awards from the Academy of Cinema, including Best Film and Best Director. Los Sonámbulos (The Sleepwalkers) was Argentina's Oscar candidate, and Las siamesas (The Siamese Twins) was nominated for the Goya International Award. Additionally, both films received 9 Condor Awards, including Best Director and Best Film in both cases.